I would like to share my story by referencing two relevant bible stories:

  • The story of Cornelius
  • The Lamb’s Book of Life

Cornelius was a man who feared God, as did his family. He gave to the poor, and he prayed to God always. Though, he had not heard or obeyed the gospel yet!! Not until Peter was led to his home to share the gospel with him.

Acts 10: 44-48

I was born in December 1965 and gained a good belief in the basic teachings of Christianity being raised as a Roman Catholic.

At the age of twelve I attended a production of “Heaven or Hell” at a local church and made up my mind I would begin praying to God every night before going to bed.

Like Cornelius, I feared God and prayed to God always but I had not heard or obeyed the full gospel truth yet!!

Some years later the Lord sent two ministering spirits to my bedside with a large green book. The one holding the book kept turning page after page and would not stop flipping pages.

Terrified and confused, it would be years later that I learned the meaning of that encounter. The angel was holding the “Lamb’s Book of Life” and my name could not be found. Thus, the continual flipping of pages.

Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:15, 21:27

After this experience, about a year passed and some friends and I were at Lakeside Park in St. Catharines, Ont. where some street performers were acting out the story of Adam & Eve and The Temptation. When they finished, the man playing the serpent approached me and we talked. He simply said, “I really feel something about you” and suggested “When you get home tonight invite Jesus into your heart”.

When I got home I thought about that statement for some time and then knelt beside my bed and did just that – I invited Jesus into my heart.

Well, maybe 2 years passed after that and I began a job for a Pool Production company. There was a young girl that worked there that was well known as a “Born Again Christian”. I saw her one day walking happy and lightly skipping down an aisle. As she passed my work station I began daydreaming of being married to her. I stopped myself and rebuked myself “What are you doing?” I asked myself, “You don’t want to be married, and not to her”. I had no idea, but by the end of that very year we would be married.

One day my supervisor approached me and asked if I’d want to do a different job that day. I said “sure “and they put me to work assisting that “Born Again Christian” girl. We had such a great day together that she asked if I’d want to stay full-time on that job. I said ”sure”.

As time went on, working together, and always asking her about this JESUS my interest grew.

I wanted to know this Jesus. So, my brother and I began going to church and within a few months were baptized in the name of Jesus and wonderfully and gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost. This thing about being “Born Again” was true!!!

As I mentioned, we were married that same year. Oh and something else that’s almost unbelievable—the name of that company we were working at was CORNELIUS Pools!

The message I bring to this city is the eternally most important question of all time: IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE?

I sincerely hope to meet you soon, to help and assist you in your journey with Jesus.

Mark David Campbell
Senior Pastor